Report: Volunteer Africa – Impact and Analysis – Balloon Ventures

Report: Volunteer Africa - Impact and Analysis

Volunteer Africa is an on-going partnership between Citi and Balloon Ventures to use the skills of Citi Junior Bankers from around the globe to add value to entrepreneurs with the potential to grow.

The full 2017-2018 Impact and Analysis Report can be accessed here.

The 2017-18 programme took place in Mbale and Jinja in Uganda where 24 Citi employees worked with 16 small businesses for 4 weeks. This report was put together by Balloon’s Insight & Impact team and reflects progress made and lessons learned. It is based on data gathered up to one year after the programme was completed. 

The key conclusion of this report is that the strength of Volunteer Africa is the shared value for all involved. As the data shows, Citi volunteers rated the programme highly and showed great personal and professional development. Their managers at Citi also rated the programme highly and validated that the programme improved the volunteers’ performance in their core teams at Citi. And for entrepreneurs; they experienced strong growth in income and business performance leading to great development impact. 

Taking insights from the research, this report ends by offering some broader ideas and lessons for the sector including the key reasons why small businesses either thrive or shrink and how support can be structured to unlock the potential of micro-entrepreneurs.