‘This is Balloon’ – Introducing our series on, well – us!

In this series of posts, you'll read about the new things we're trying, from improving our entrepreneur assessment capability...through to a detailed look at our curriculum."

In the last of these posts, we introduced our “Big Questions” series, where our Insight and Impact team will be using some of what we’ve learned throughout the course of our work to answer big questions about poverty, development and entrepreneurship.

This week, it’s time to focus our attention back on ourselves, and introduce a series called “This is Balloon”, where we want to share with you some of the things we’ve learned about what it’s like to be a young, innovative social enterprise working in the development sector. We’re always trying new things, and trying to improve the impact of what we do.

In this series of posts, you’ll read about the new things we’re trying, from improving our entrepreneur assessment capability through the introduction of psychometric testing; through a detailed look at our curriculum and the guiding principles behind what we teach – this series of posts will give you an insight into what makes Balloon tick.

More than that, though, this is where you’ll get to meet some of the people that make Balloon work – not only the team of professional staff who work in-country and in the UK to facilitate our programmes; but also the dedicated volunteers who are at the front line of the Balloon intervention. We want to share with you their experiences on a Balloon programme, in the hope that they might inspire you to make a change in your own life and decide to apply for a Balloon Ventures volunteering placement.

So that’s it, really. A brief introduction to ‘This is Balloon…’, a series on the most exciting topic of all – us!

This is the last post introducing new themes for the blog, and we’ll start next week with a profile and case study of one of our entrepreneurs.  

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