What’s coming on Balloon’s Blog…a look ahead

Balloon's office - the place where "oh sh*t, that's interesting!" is always the phrase of the day.

We’re pretty lucky at Balloon: not only do we get to work with incredibly driven, motivated, aspirational entrepreneurs every day; we also work in an environment where we’re constantly trying to innovate and push the envelope on what can be achieved by a small agency working in a busy and crowded development sector.

The Balloon team, both our London and in-country staff, all contribute to this culture of innovation, and it’s rare for a day to go by without someone coming up with a bright new idea (Josh, mostly), or sharing a piece of interesting data about our work (Nick). And the rest of us are, more often than not, left thinking “Oh, sh*t, that’s interesting”. It’s this sort of open ideas forum environment that has led to some of our biggest developments.

Recently, a few of us in the London office sat down to talk about how we might share some of these ideas, and pick out some of the key themes that tie everything together. So we put our heads together and came up with a long list of things we’d like to share with the Balloon family and wider world.

We want to share the ideas that underpin our belief that entrepreneurs will end poverty. We want to share all the things we’re trying out to improve the Balloon Enterprise Intervention – from entrepreneur selection, to impact measurement and everything in between. We want to tell you about the successes we’ve been seeing, but also want to talk openly about the things that haven’t worked so well.

So with that in mind, we came up with three main themes we want to use to group all of our blog content together:

1. Balloon's Big Questions

Our insight and impact team (led by the incurably curious Dr. Nick Andreou) are always relating the work that we do to the bigger questions we’re trying to answer. In the coming months we’ll be answering questions such as ‘what does business have to do with poverty?’ and ‘how does development work?’.

2. This is Balloon

We’re really proud to be innovators and experimenters, and are constantly trying out new approaches to our work. We’ll be sharing some of the things we’ve been working on, and letting you know what’s worked, and what hasn’t, in things such as entrepreneur selection, data gathering and using technology to support the delivery of our programmes.

3. Entrepreneur Stories

We’re firm in our belief that entrepreneurs will end poverty, and we’re really proud to have worked with so many inspirational men and women in the developing world who run their own businesses. Ever wondered how many entrepreneurs are parents? Ever wondered what sorts of businesses our entrepreneurs run? Ever wanted to know the full story of the entrepreneurs we work with? Keep coming back to the blog to find out more.

We’re really excited to start sharing all this amazing content with you, and will be updating the blog regularly with new stuff. So make sure you come back or use the sign-up form below to receive monthly updates from across the Balloon network!


If you’ve got an idea for content, or questions you’d like us to have a go at answering, then comment on the post below and we’ll see what we can do!

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